Is Your Child Falling Behind in School?

Is your child falling behind in school?


Does this story sound familiar? Every year for the past 3 years you have gone to parent – teacher conferences only to hear that your child is falling further and further behind in either Math or English. The teacher raves about how amazing and kind your kid is, and how they have many friends in class, but if only they could only get caught up… You have tried NUMEROUS tutors and learning specialists only to learn from the teacher that the learning troubles are still going on.  You ask yourself “why is my child falling behind in school?!”


This narrative is very familiar for millions of families across the country. There are many factors that go into a child falling behind. They may be unmotivated by a particular topic, or not meshing with the style a particular teacher may have. Normally these are temporary set-backs that the child will overcome and be caught up within 6 months to a year. However, if these issues are persisting there may be a deeper issue taking place.


When conventional interventions don’t seem to be working it is important to take a step back to understand fully what is happening with these kids. What we have found is often times there is an underlying neurological issue, a small ‘roadblock’ within the brain that is not allowing the child to learn normally.

There is help available!

Once this ‘roadblock’ has been removed, the child’s brain is able to catch up very quickly. What we typically see is a child who is 2-3 grades below their actually grade level being able to get back into their normal classroom within 4-6 months. If you have been searching for a safe way to help your child get back on track, give my office a call at 760.456.9470. The most important question you have to ask yourself is, ‘when was the last time I had my child’s brain checked?’ If the answer is never, give my office a call to schedule a complimentary consultation and brain scan today.  Don’t let your child fall behind before you seek help!


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Dr. John Kupper

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