Mindi C.  (Her son Sam C.)

"Today was the best IEP meeting (school yearly review and goal-setting) Sam has ever had! In most years it was so hard to be reminded of how little he had progressed, and then in recent years it was progress in reduction of self-injury (which is certainly progress). Today one of the team said, "Sam is now ready to LEARN." He recognizes 20 picture symbols for communication, and self-injury is brief and minimal. He sits and cooperates during group activities. He listens to stories and gives eye contact."


Juliette B.

"After one adjustment....the headaches were gone!  I am sleeping better than I have in years.  I feel less exhausted and have so much more energy.  Healing is a process and I'm so thankful to be back on the road to health."


Lisa G.

"Since starting with Drs. Kupper and Keener, I have my life back!  I can play with my grandson and finally pick him up.  I can shop all day, walk the dog, all without the neck and back pain I was experiencing earlier."

migraine treatment

Kelly B.

"After all this time I never knew there was a natural treatment for my migraines, headaches, and neck pain"

Lauren martin xxxxxxxx

Lauren M.

"Dr. Kupper and Dr. Keener have treated all 3 of my children.  They use safe and effective procedures.  I'm so happy that my family is under chiropractic care.  These guys are the best!"