Initial Correction

Restore proper alignment of the Atlas (C1) as it relates to your head and neck.

Atlas Supportive Care

Begin to HOLD the alignment of your spine for longer and longer periods of time. As this occurs, adjustments to other areas of the spine are utilized.  Learn more


Functional Neurology

Help your BRAIN Help your BODY!
Functional Neurology detects pathways between the brain and body that are not communicating well, and fixes them. You can think of it like "physical therapy for the brain".
Specific therapies will be utilized to restore balance to your nervous system and support optimal spinal health.   Learn more

Nutritional Support

Here at Balance Brain and Spine, we understand that in order for your body to heal it will need the proper nutrients and raw materials to do so.  We offer individualized recommendations to help speed up the healing process and support a healthy BRAIN & SPINE! Learn more


Massage Therapy

For added value we offer targeted muscle work to help the body regain balance.  Whether its swedish, sports, pre/post natal, deep tissue, or just to de-stress - we have you covered!